Custom Order Form

BDA Special Order Representatives are ready and available to help you create options for nearly any product, event or promotion you can imagine. This website is full of great ready-made solutions, but we know they cannot fill all your specialized needs. BDA is your authorized resource for branded merchandise solutions.

  • Custom products that are not found on the site
  • Customization to items on the site (where possible)
  • Additional color options (where applicable)
  • Customized packaging and kitting
  • Multiple ship-to locations
  • Bulk/group buys for cost savings

Please note the following:

  • Custom orders cannot be developed without approval from the FedEx Global Brand Management Team.
  • Specialty created orders will be held to manufacturer minimums. For apparel, the minimum is 24 units. Minimums on all other goods vary by style and item type.
  • Lead times vary and may require additional cost if expedited

Ready to get your merchandise? Fill out the form below with details for your special order.