Custom Order Form

Custom orders cannot be approved or developed without the approval team at FedEx Global Brand Management. BDA Special Order Representatives are ready and available to help you create options for nearly any product, event or promotion you can imagine. This website is full of great ready-made solutions, but we know they cannot fill all your specialized needs. BDA is your authorized resource for branded merchandise solutions.

  • We can help you create custom products to fit your specific needs.
  • We can add custom text to many items shown on this website.
  • We can provide additional color options.
  • We can kit and customize packaging and ship to multiple locations.

Specialty created orders will be held to manufacturer minimums. For apparel, the minimum is 24 units (excluding needs for Big/Tall and Plus sizes). Minimums on all other goods vary by style and item type, please contact us today for a quote. Lead-times vary and may require additional cost.

Custom Merchandise Branding Policy

The FedEx brand. A few things to keep in mind when ordering custom merchandise.

Promoting the FedEx brand with merchandise is about supporting our brand and showing our FedEx pride on our sleeves. And it should go without saying that you must follow the brand guidelines when using the FedEx logo, branding elements, and brand colors on any custom merchandise that you order.

You can find the complete FedEx brand guidelines at As you consider items for promotional purposes, remember these key tips:

  • Choose an item that is useful—and durable.
  • Keep your audience in mind, as well as the environment.
  • Look for simple, sophisticated design that complements our brand color palette.
  • Avoid items that are overly ornate, animated or could send an inappropriate message.